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Product Description
Activity is a tool that makes it easier for nonprofits to manage their project activities and KPI results. Activity is based on an open source project started at Mercy Corps in 2014. Activity is hosted and maintained by Hikaya and can be used any nonprofit: https://activity.hikaya.app/
We are building a progressive web application that helps design standard, offline forms that are linked to KPIs, making it easier for nonprofits to automate their reporting. This application is based on a micro-service architecture for high performance, scalability, and availability using Angular 8 and Python/Django.
Built using open source tools like Apache Airflow and Apache Superset, we’re architecting a common data pipeline for nonprofits to manage their unstructured datasets by importing datasets from third-party data collection tools while hosting a series of pre-built connectors that let organizations integrate their ERP systems. The application provides a workspace to perform cleaning and join operations alongside scheduling imports and exports between systems.

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