Exploring Dashboards

What is a Report?

Automatically generated reports will help get a quick understanding of where you're at with your programs and activities.

The first view will give you an understanding of your Projects/Activities statuses as well as provide an overview of sectors that your indicators belong to.

Quick Tip: Unless you want to see a list of all your programs, you can use a global filter to display only the relevant one for clarity.

Analyze the report

Click on a selected color to dig deeper into activities that are falling behind or doing great.

You will be taken to the next 'Projects' tab, that displays data about your Projects/Activities. You can easily remove the filter to display all Projects/Activities, regardless of their status. Below you'll see budget consumption for each of them displayed in a bar chart.

Indicator reports

Indicators tab provides an insight into your indicator results. Navigate there to get a quick visual understanding of how your indicators are progressing against targets on a bar chart at the bottom of page or hit the blue View button to dig deeper into where those results come from by reviewing collected data by reporting periods.

You might also Export your indicator data to a CSV file for further analysis in an external software.

IPTT format

The Indicator Performance Tracking Table is a commonly recognized standard for indicator tracking. TolaData allows you to capture and present your indicator results following this best practice. Click on Table button on top of the page to obtain IPTT view of your data.

Read more on IPTT in this USAID guide [opens an external website].

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