Introducing Dots, our modern business intelligence solution built on an open-source project, called Apache Superset. This tool is designed to be visual, intuitive and interactive allowing user to explore data from all angles.

What is Track?

Track is the data analysis module of TolaData (read more on Activity and Track that make TolaData in this Knowledge base article). Track helps to manage your datasets from multiple data sources in real-time for timely analysis.

If you are a data geek then this is the place for you to start importing your raw datasets to start cleaning, and get your dataset analysis ready!

Here are some of the key features of Track:

  • Import raw datasets from external sources, like Ona, KoBoToolbox, CSV, GoogleSheet or even a JSON Feed;

  • Clean, merge, and append datasets;

  • Get updated datasets real-time with auto push and pull feature;

  • Export data to external platforms through rest API, JSON feed or just to another GoogleSheet;

  • Directly link your datasets to relevant indicators in Activity to track progress.

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